Back in the not-so-old days, TV advertising was only accessible to the biggest brands armed with blockbuster budgets. The Nikes of this world. Coca-Cola. Apple. Toyota. For midsize businesses, seeing their brand on screen was a pipe dream. But, platforms like AdSmart from Sky have changed the TV advertising landscape. 

With the average viewer watching 3 hours and 30 minutes of their favourite programs every day, TV advertising definitely isn’t dead. That’s significantly more than the 2 hours and 6 minutes we’re spending every day, on average, on social media. 

The engaged audience is there, waiting. The advertising space is there, waiting. Your production team is here at Famous Rebel, waiting. 

So, what are you waiting for?

deal or no deal.

Ah, apologies. You’re waiting for us to tell you a little bit more about how you don’t need six-figure production budgets. Or, how you don’t need the GDP of a small country to buy ad space on TV. 

In fact, quite the opposite. 

Working closely with Sky AdSmart, we’re actually able to offer you a deal that will give you money towards production. That’s right: Sky AdSmart will GIVE YOU up to £5,000 towards production. 

Here are the exclusive offers we have available for new and existing clients:

  • £5,000 production towards any AdSmart media budget of £20k+
  • £3,000 production towards any AdSmart media budget of £10k – £15k
  • Any campaigns less than £10,000, AdSmart will provide 25% of the media booking into production (e.g. for £6,000 media AdSmart would contribute £1,500 to production costs)

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. As long as your TV campaign kicks-off before 31st December 2019 and the media is paid for up front, your brand can be seen on screen with the help of AdSmart’s production contributions. 

Contact Famous Rebel today to learn more about TV advertising and these exclusive offers from AdSmart. 

as seen on screen.

Our rebellious roots started in TV and film, so you could say we know the industry well. Chief Rebel and Co-Founder, Colin Melville, has also directed and produced commercials for Sky, Oryx, Playstation, BBC and ITV. 

What we do well – really well – is make budgets stretch further. We make TV ads with smaller budgets look and feel like the big-budget productions associated with global brands.

Check out a couple of smaller, mid-size and larger-budget TV ads we’ve produced for clients in the past:

See more of our video content delivered for clients on Vimeo, YouTube or via our Portfolio

 *In order to redeem this deal, clients must be new to TV advertising, or new to Sky AdSmart. 

about AdSmart.

A scattergun approach to TV advertising is a thing of the past with Sky AdSmart, bringing the precise targeting and control you’d usually associate with digital advertising to TV. Using AdSmart, different ads can be shown to different households even if they’re watching the same programme. 

What does this mean for your brand? You only advertise to households and audiences relevant to your business, on some of the nation’s favourite channels. Of course, this also means more cost-effective advertising, available to almost any business, of any size – even with a smaller budget. 

Now, more than 70% of advertisers currently using AdSmart are new to advertising on TV.

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