the brief.

Travel Channel had one key objective: to drive considerably more traffic to its website through the use of authentic, engaging and quality digital video content, promoted via social media and other digital channels. We were briefed with creating a series of short films based on: 1) Food & Drink, 2) Adventure.


the crowd go wild.

We created a video content series of eight films which we shot in multiple different countries around the world.

The first instalment of video content took us way, way off the beaten track in the UK and abroad, to truly capture the rawness and reality of what real people do for adventure. Things that the status quo wouldn’t dream of doing as a hobby or for a thrill.

Wild swimming. Mountaineering. Horse riding in the middle of nowhere. One with nature, and very little else.

The food & drink videos focused on how different drinks were made. Think lush vineyards in idyllic locations, and the level of love and attention that’s invested in brewing the best craft beers in the world.

The ‘Wild Horse Riding’ video (below) has been viewed almost 60,000 times on own YouTube channel alone!

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