the brief.

Faced with a digitally-literate and digitally-driven audience, Food Network wanted to ‘be more digital’ and, in turn, reduce its reliance on TV content and advertising. Like many other brands, Food Network wanted to increase the amount of traffic to its website through engaging social content posted organically.


the secret ingredient.

We created a series of ‘How To’ hygiene videos, focusing on recipes from different regions around the world.

To increase engagement, credibility and shareability, each of the ‘Food Shorts’ videos featured up-and-coming TV chefs, such as Romy Gill MBE, Alissa Timoshkina, Yuki Gomi and Malcolm Riley (‘The African Chef’). Each chef cooking dishes from different regions and cuisines, such as Indian and Japanese.

All of the recipes were made available on the Food Network website, with each video promoting and linking to the relevant recipe page online. Using stills and Food Network brand elements, we also created a series of static carousel cards for use in paid ads on platforms like Facebook.

The social content, also shown globally on TV and other digital channels, catapulted the up-and-coming chefs into the limelight, with the likes of Romy Gill being regularly featured on the BBC and Alissa Timoshkina receiving a lot of press attention.

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