nominated for a

UK Promax BDA Award.

50% savings on

production costs.

Discovery Channel needed a complete brand refresh and repositioning of the Travel Channel brand in order to appeal to younger digital natives.

We created a series of aspirational video content to promote the Travel Channel brand, specifically aimed at engaging a younger audience: today’s wanderlustful millennial meanderers, who are significantly influenced by the travel & lifestyle content they consume on Instagram.


8 films. 14 countries.

We shot and edited low-budget videos around the world, using footage of real people and capturing real moments. All of the videos were shot POV (Point of View), completely unstaged, to give the content an unmistakably authentic and aspirational feel.

We used aspirational taglines – ‘Live it’, ‘Try it’, ‘Grab it’ – to appeal to younger, adventurous go-getters.

As part of the brand refresh and repositioning, we also created longer-form branded content, to give inspiration to travellers about different places in the UK and around the world.

8 films were shot all over the global, with short-form cut-downs provided for use on social media.


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