Immunity to traditional advertising has almost been achieved. Congratulations team. Traditional advertising will soon be categorised as a virus. Well done folks. Soon, VERY SOON, traditional advertising won’t affect anyone anywhere anymore…EVER. Great job people. Who’s for Sushi?

There are millions upon millions upon millions of ads out there. Too many. A stupid amount of stupid ads.

Stupid isn’t it too, being surrounded all day by our failures? Fortunately, though, we don’t notice them anymore. In fact, we do almost anything to avoid them.


Because we’re spent.

Because our brains, hearts, consciences, wallets, have all just had enough. 

So we’ve rebelled

Think about it. Traditional adverts, for all the good they’re doing us now, may as well be invisible.

They don’t say anything, so they aren’t noticed. 

They don’t engage, so they don’t make an impact.

In fact, they’re not advertisements at all. They’re INTROVERTisements

It’s actually worse than that. At least introverts are real, human and often creative.

Introvertisements, however, are like midges hovering unseen above stagnant water looking for fresh blood. If they impact on our 8-second attention spans at all, it’s most likely to annoy, irritate or interrupt. So we swat them away.

Here are three stats for you. You might already know them.

  • 96% of traditional advertising is unnoticed and unwanted 
  • Two-thirds of your marketing… is not your marketing 
  • Edelman’s Trust Barometer shows the advertising industry has a trust level of just 37% – putting it last, behind such notoriously trustworthy industries as banking, telecoms and energy

Three interesting stats. A hat-trick of own goals. Three bullets to the body of our Industry.

bad news bears on tour.

There are plenty more bad news bears hiding out in the world wide woods we could have brought to rampage through your picnic ground. Right now, we all have to face up to what these facts tell us. 

Advertising, as practised today, has next to nothing to offer the consumer.

There’s limited-to-no appeal. There is limited-to-no engagement. And there is limited-to-no loyalty.

That’s the pattern. Brilliant, eh?

And what else should this tell you? It should tell you that you:

  • don’t control the message anymore – if you ever did
  • don’t know who to send the message to – if you can even reach them
  • just pretend you know what you’re doing – if you want to keep your job

lucky b******?

Were the advertising giants of the past actually giants, or were they just lucky b*******? 

There’s so much choice available to the consumer now – the whole world is a shop front. People can buy anything from where they want, from who they want, for whatever price they like the look of. 

If you don’t already have captive, engaged, loyal consumers then “Ogilvy help you” because the waters are wobbly, shark-infested and pretty much uncharted.

You’re no dummy. We know that. You’re here reading this.

But, has it just become something you’re hoping will go away?

Are you expecting a quick fix to this situation?

And are you confident it will all come good in the end?

the return of the advertising giants?

Here’s a better, more realistic story for you. 

We’ve worked our asses off, like you, poking, peeking, delving, digging, rummaging around in the world of SEO, PPC, ROI etc. 

Let us give you another word with the letters ROI in it. Groin. Because that’s where the market’s kicking you. 

How about droid? Because who’s really in control? You? 

Or, what about haemorrhoid? Because that’s what you’re going to get sat on your ass all day trying to figure it all out.

Why hide…

…when you know you can stand out?

We are the only things on your streets now, REBELS.

When you realise that, maybe you’ll realise something else too.

Maybe you’ll realise there’s something in this “rebellion thing”.

Be a rebel to think like a rebel? Be them to know them?

Let’s face it. We have to stand apart to stand out. And we have to do it together.

Rebels rebel. It’s what we do. It’s now our time.

And, in rebellious times, rebels excel.

join the rebellion.

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