The established order is failing. For businesses, customers, clients and agencies, these are rebellious times. And rebellious times need rebels.

That’s what we are. Who we are. Rebels. It’s what we believe in. It’s what we stand for. Rebellion. Our rebellious beliefs: 

Simplicity. How many times do we have to be told by the world? Keep it simple, stupid. It’s not about how complicated or how much. Simplicity is memorable. Do more, with less. 

Boundaries. We don’t just accept stuff. We’ll push, redraw, and redefine if we believe it’s necessary.

Expectations. Evaluate and then sod the “rules” that everyone follows. But if, and only if, the traditional and the expected repeatedly fall short. If you work with us, expect new rules

Believe in our Greatness. You and us. We set the bar high so we have something to keep reaching for. That applies to everybody who works for and with us. Deal with it. Then leap with us. We’ll look ridiculous, but it’ll be fun.

The Future is what the Past makes it. We learn. We study history. We’re the historians of half-way measures and half-hearted solutions. The future is what we make it. Together.

Be Persistent. Don’t tell us to back down. By then it will be too late. It’s inside us. It’s what we do. We push forward. We battle. We strive. Then, we achieve.

Believe in People. We believe in ourselves more than you do. Fact. And we always will. That’s important to us rebels. Because it means we do not – and will not – fail. 

We just discover what doesn’t work and move on. And on and on, refining, reworking, revisiting. We all have that mentality. Plus, we believe in you. 

We believe opportunities lie in the questioning. Why are things the way they are? Who said so? What proof do you have? What fool eats a stinky egg sandwich in a small office?

We love questions. And we won’t stop asking questions of you, even when you tell us to shut up.

Rebellious enough for you?

do things differently. 

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering why you bothered. 

Maybe we’ve created the tiniest ripple in your ROI as far as your time here is concerned. Maybe we’ve found your touchy-touchy point and we’re milking it for all it’s worth. 

Maybe something inside you is stirring, growing, reaching for the light of something dawning. Or, maybe not.

Basically, what we’re saying is, if you’re going to do things differently, then why not do them famously? Why not famously rebel?

Why not make a name for going against something – the trend, the market, the way you’ve always done things? The way the industry has always done things?

Because, quite frankly, if all you’re doing is following the herd, then all you’re doing is looking up someone else’s ass taking their shit full on in the face. IN. THE. FACE. 

join the rebellion.

Well, listen up, we don’t follow those herds. Not anymore. 

We hurdle those herds. We shear those sheep. We expose them for who and what they are. And we run off into the hills wearing that experience like a coat.

So, maybe you’re a rebel too? Maybe you’re a rebel without a cause. Maybe you’re a rebel without a view. Maybe you’re a rebel without a clue.

Whichever type of rebel you think you might be, we’re starting a rebellion. Why not join us? 

Now is not the time to say “no”

Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. We can bring that out in you if you’re unsure. You can bring that out in us if you’re sure. Stand with us. We can rebel against each other later (after we’ve both made lots of money and plenty of important points). 

And we’ll tell you something else, too. This isn’t all empty bravado. If you think that, you don’t know rebels. We’re not scared of finding new territory, new touchpoints, new targets. We don’t fear change, challenges or chocolate lattes. 

We know these are just words and words may as well be turds as far as convincing you that we’re any different than every other agency that EVER came before us. 

Oooh, look at us, trying to differentiate. Oooh, hark at us, trying to stand out. Oooh, watch us trying, hoping, urging ourselves to be something different.

Well, marketing and advertising made us like that. And advertising made you feel that about us. Sad, isn’t it, that you should be so pessimistic and know-it-all about our chances, and we should be here, dreaming of and still striving to make a difference?

Because we know we can. 

we have. we are. we will.

And you? How about you? Do you know what passion looks like? We took a team photo of it. Drop us a line and we’ll send you the picture.

It looks boring. It looks like nothing is going on. It looks like a fucking swan. And you know what swans have going on, don’t you? 

Lovely, graceful, effortless performance, powered by a great big pair of “ugly-ass” legs. 

Ever seen one of those things shift? Ever seen beneath the surface at one of those balletic beasts? They’re nuclear nest makers. They can break your arm with a flap of their wing. 

And to think they’ve got the inoffensive, graceful, beautiful bird market sewn up. All thanks to a fairy-tale marketer. 

They’re like an evolved Goose. Well, that’s us. A goose in swan’s clothing. 

Famous Rebel

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