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rip up the rule book

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Difference is everything.

You are not another business. You are not another client. We are not another agency.

Rip up the client-agency rule book to discover data-driven, cost-effective creative solutions that actually engage your customers and drive sales.

Do things differently.



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not another agency

Cold. Inhospitable. Indifferent. Is your brand stuck in a lifeless creative vacuum light years away from where you want to be?

Navigating the marketing universe can be like floating through space in your underwear. Nobody is listening. Nobody can see you. No-one can hear your screams.

Well, not in our universe. We spent decades in that space, now we’ve discovered our rebel drive. Now we’re social strategists, paid media pioneers, universal content creatives. We’re advertising astronauts. And we can deliver anywhere.

Consider us an extension of your marketing department.
Pretend we’re tethered together in advertising space not watching the world go by, but making the watching world go by.

View things differently.

rebel tools.

Famous Rebel Branding


This is not just a logo. Many think it is. Who are you? How do others perceive you? What is your brand voice and personality? How do you, or your staff, answer the phone or an email from a customer? This is where your brand lives. In the minds of consumers.

Famous Rebel Creative


Your brand needs to demand attention. From TV & cinema, to social, OOH and digital, our creativity is focused on just that. We started at the BBC, Sky, ITV, Toyota & PlayStation, creating TV ads, digital ads, and OOH. Now it's time for you.

Famous Rebel Strategy


Marketing is nothing without a strategy. Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t join up. We'll provide your brand with a long-term strategy for growth. We'll draw out your route-map to increased revenue. And, we'll give you the confidence to get there.

Famous Rebel Marketing


It’s everything we do. It’s in our DNA. We've marketed worldwide for global brands and we've marketed for local businesses in Devon. We've worked with boardroom level & C-Suite execs, and we've also led and developed our own internal marketing teams. This is what we do. We market for those who need marketers. Simple.

Famous Rebel Design


Everyone can do design. My mate's son from college is great. Not true. Don’t believe it. Great design is the first thing everyone wants to see, but the last to be properly delivered. You will live with your designs for some time. Make sure you know why it's designed the way it is, why it's important for your brand and why design is much more than just a few library images and text slapped together.

Famous Rebel Social Media

Social Media

It's where your customers are and where your brand should be. It's an ever-changing world requiring dynamic, responsive marketing. We run cost-effective social media campaigns for a number of brands. We create and spend as if it's our own money. Nobody wants to make Facebook richer. Neither should you.

Famous Rebel Media Buying

Media Buying

We've worked with Mediacom, TSW, Mostly Media, and others directly. We can make sure you get the best "bang for your buck" and get your business right to where your customers are, not aren't. We've watched brands being sold expensive, poorly targeted media space too many times to let it happen to you.

Famous Rebel Analytics


Everything is based on this. How can you target a customer if you don’t know who they are, or where to find them? From customer loyalty, CRM systems, marketing, Google, and social media, there are measurements for everything. We make complex analytics as simple and easy to understand as possible. All of our analytical reporting is designed to help you understand what's working and what isn't.

Famous Rebel Web


We work only with trusted partners to create everything from bespoke web site builds through to Shopify, Woocommerce, and other dedicated shopping platforms. We'll always give you an honest quote and we guarantee to help you build a site that will grow with you as you scale.

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